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Saturday Mornin’ Reads! Plus I Made My Mom Cry & Other News

March 29, 2014 By: Cristina Perachio - No Comments

Mornin’ Internet People!

It is rainy and icky in Philadelphia which is the perfect kind of morning to turn your bed into a nest. Make your butler go cook you some bacon and brew some coffee so you can enjoy today’s Saturday Mornin’ Reads! Do you see how I’m trying to make this a thing? #Blogging, am I right? Just go with it.

Check out this novel excerpt by my girl JCO and this essay by James Salter about love and France and prostitutes and books and other amazing things. What are YOU reading these days? Share in the comments.

But WAIT. There’s more. This week, my short story “Nightstands” was featured as Story of the Week over at Narrative magazine. It also won me a spot as a finalist for Narrative’s 30 Below Story & Poetry Contest this year which was exciting. Additionally, it made my Mom cry. So I’ve got that going for me. You can read it for FREEsies here. They’ll ask you to sign-in or sign-up to read the whole she-bang but I promise – it’s FREE and takes about the amount of time it will take you to complain about having to sign up.

If you’re a sucker for punishment, and I feel like you are, while you’re over at Narrative you can also read my story  “Seneca Lake, Ohio” which was Story of the Week back in September.


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